PCIe male to male power cables.  Possibly one of the hardest things to find on the internet! If you are anything like me you've been searching high and low to find these elusive cables for your mining rig.

By the end of this article, you'll know exactly where to find PCIe male to male power cables for your PSU.

First a little backstory.

I've always been into PC hardware, I was into it in a really big way back 20 years ago - those were the days of systems doubling in speed almost every 24 months. The glory days. Since then my interest has died down somewhat but when the price of cryptocurrencies shot through the roof back in December 17 my interest was sparked again.

I was kicking myself.

Mainly because I had a work colleague that was purchasing high powered graphics cards back in 2013 and was attempting to talk me into mining.

I thought he was nuts, bitcoin was at an all-time high of $50- look how far we've come since then.

Fast forward to today and I've been researching everything to do with crypto mining. It makes sense for me to mine as I know how to put the kit together and what is required....this includes PCI cables.

After reading and watching youtube videos over and over I bit the bullet and purchased 2 1080ti's and a server PSU to power them.

The server PSU's have a better efficiency and are far cheaper compared to the desktop equivalents.

Now if you are reading this your probably in the same boat as me and have a server PSU with a breakout board.

PSU server breakout board

The big problem with these breakout boards is the fact that they don't always come with the cables to power the risers and graphics cards.

I spent more than 2 hours last night searching both eBay & Amazon for male to male PCIe power cables with a decent length.

I just could not find anything that was not based in China. Now I know all the hardware and cables are made in China but I don't want to have to wait 2 weeks for the cables.

I want them in like a day or 2.

I literally could not find any that were well priced and had a length to reach the graphics cards.

So what's the solution?

Acquire a 6pin to 2 8(6) pin cables. These basically can still act as a 6pin to 6pin you just don't plug anything into the female port. The power is still carried through. Best of all is the length is usually 10 inches or so which is the perfect amount.

pcie power cable male to male

Post image credit goes to Martin@Psychosleeve